2012 Wines By The Glass Survey Results

Napa Technology, developer of the WineStation Intelligent Wine Preservation and Dispensing System, commissioned a survey of 104 top sommeliers, wine directors, hotel and restaurant operators to find that wine by the glass consumption is on the rise and consumers are willing to pay more for the experience of wines by the glass that would otherwise be cost prohibitive by the bottle.

Wines by the Glass Survey

Are customers able to identify a corked, oxidized, or otherwise spoiled wine?

Yes – 51.3%

Has consumption of wines by the glass increased, decreased or stayed the same over last year?

Yes – 75.5%

What is the highest priced wine by the glass offered at your establishment in the last year?

Under $10 – 8.2%

$10-$20 – 36.7%

$21-$25 – 26.5%

$26-$30 – 14.3

Over $30 – 14.3%

How would you describe your wines by the glass program this year vs. a year ago? (Check all that apply)

Additional varietals – 57.1%

Unique/Regional/Boutique offerings – 34.7%

Do you currently have a system for wine preservation in your establishment?

Yes – 59.6%

Do you believe it is important to have a wine preservation system to have a more profitable wines by the glass program?

Yes – 69.2%

How do you currently preserve your open bottles of wine?

Automated preservation (preservation & dispensing system) 30.8%

Are wine drinkers demanding more diversity in their wine by the glass choices?

Yes 59.6%/p>

How often do customers request to sample a wine before purchasing a glass or a bottle?

Sometimes – 65.4%

Frequently – 15.4%

Does your venue offer wines by the half glass options?

Yes – 35.6%

Commissioned by Napa Technology, the wines by the glass survey took place in August 2012. The sample size included a mix of 104 sommeliers, wine directors, restaurateurs, hotel operators and buyers who were contacted by Ink Foundry via a private database and social networks. Individuals who participated in the survey are existing users and non-users of wine preservation systems, multi-unit and single-unit restaurants, and luxury hotel brands.