3 [BONUS] Features of the WineStation that will Save Money for Your Business [The Premier Plus Version]

WineStation-1024x855With our last two articles on the awesome features of the WineStation and WineStation Premier, you are well on your way in pushing your business to the top of the top.

We now have some more surprising features of the WineStation Premier Plus to share with you!

Now for the ultimate features of the WineStation Premier Plus:


1. Guest Key Integration for Hotels and Cruise Ships:

This patented technology makes integration of the WineStation into your business easy and quick. For hotel guests, the room key becomes their smartcard for the WineStation giving them on demand access to wine service with minimal staffing requirements.

2. Customer Assigned Smartcards:

Take your business to the next level by awarding your members and loyal visitors an assigned smartcard! With this technology, the WineStation will be able to serve to different business needs, including tracking customer consumption and purchase history. This way, your valued customers have the luxury of easy access and you will have valued customer data with the push of a button.


3. Customer Preference Tracking:

Forget marketing research and a premier marketing research team. All you need is the WineStation Premier Plus. The WineStation Premier Plus self-serve feature keeps track of all the real data from your customers’ preferences. You easily access all this valuable data with a few buttons.