3 Surprising Features of the WineStation Professional that will Save Money for Your Business

two-drinks-in-caffe-picjumbo-comDid you know that the national average percentage of lost revenues from wine spoilage, over-pourage, and theft is up to 15%?

Storing and selling wine could be a complicated and painful process. However, with the WineStation, your wine business can become easy and efficient.

So before you worry about another bottle of Burgundy spoiled and wasted, check out how the following features of the WineStation could save you more money and energy:

1. Preserves wine for 60 days:

The WineStation contains an argon gas preservation system that includes 60 day wine preservation within the unit and 14 day preservation when stored outside the unit. Never worry about opening and wasting another bottle of wine!


2. Clean and Exact Pour:

The patented Clean-Pour dispensing heads keep the wine fresh and allows for swift bottle changes. Since the bottles are not locked in and wine does not pass through the system itself, changing wines and cleaning the dispensing heads can all take less than a few minutes. The WineStation’s built-in hygienic precise pour technology ensures the exact wine amount is poured every time, giving your guests the ultimate wine tasting experience while eliminating your losses and increasing your revenue.


3. Smartcard Access Control:

For behind the bar service, this smartcard technology allows for ultimate staff controls, product security and accuracy for every pour.

With these WineStation features, you can just sit back, with a glass of Borolo, and enjoy the true ease and beauty of the wine business!