3 Surprising Features of the WineStation that will Save Money for Your Business [The Premier Version]

With our last article, 3 Surprising Features of the WineStation Professional that will Save Money for Your business, you have taken one big step toward an efficient, more profitable business. Now we are back with more information on the awesome features of the WineStation Premier.

So before you settle for a wine break, check out how the following bonus features of the WineStation Premier could save you more money and energy:



two-wine-celebration-glasses-cheers-picjumbo-com1. Wine Database Management & Sales Reporting:

Are you still getting overwhelmed by your ever growing pages of wine database? Let WineStation Premier help store your selections for easy recording and management. It’s the perfect complement to any POS system. On top of this, the WineStation Premier is also equipped with tools that allows you to operate at the highest level of success by reporting details by brand or variety.


2. Employee Sales and Monitoring:

Memory could fail you, but the WineStation Premier will not. Instead of keeping track of sales using the old fashion methods, the WineStation Premier allows you to operate with even higher success and efficiency by reporting detailed product sales and volume.



3. Bar Code Scanner:

Inputting wine information could be one of the most frustrating process. The year, the brand, the quality, and everything else could take you hours to record. With a bar code scanner, the WineStation Premier could access and add to your wine database in only a few seconds.


With these features, you are well on your way to leveling up in the wine business game!

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