5 Easy Ways Wine Retailers Can Increase
Wine Sales, Right Now!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Napa Technology is the #1 US provider of Intelligent Wine Dispensing systems with clients that span across the retail, entertainment and hospitality industries. This far reaching presence, coupled with a commitment to ongoing research, means we can identify and provide insights on industry trends and changes in consumer behavior and consumption patterns.

From this, we compiled 5 simple tips that are proven to help retailers capitalize on the growing demands of the savvy wine shopper.


We are going to cover everything you need to know to increase wine sales while providing an unparalleled wine shopping experience.


1. Feature a Dynamic Wine Display

Every wine retailer should invest in an eye-catching wine display as consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the wine aisle is engaging. The dimly lit, narrow aisles of yesterday are giving way to better lighting, more space, and chances for the consumer to sample more than a cube of cheese.

The effort you put into a display will showcase how dedicated you are to the wine audience.


5 Easy Ways Wine Retailers Can Increase Wine Sales, Right Now! -


2. Create a Memorable Shopping Experience

Creating a unique shopping experience is just as important as moving cases. Now more than ever, wine consumers are expecting a similar experience in off premise businesses as they are in wine bars and restaurants. Sampling premium wines and featured wines daily can be labor intensive and costly but with wine dispensing technology like, WineStation, you can easily offer an engaging sampling experience without the additional costs and labor required.

The result? Increased traffic to your wine aisles and higher revenues. Offering your shoppers, a fun and engaging experience in your store will likely result in long lasting customers.


Bottle Values New York, New York - 5 Easy Ways Wine Retailers Can Increase Wine Sales, Right Now! -


3. Offer Sampling of Premium Wines

Sampling is not met with resistance, but the smaller margin on wine, the staffing required, and the controls necessary for manual sampling make wine sampling less simple than its food counterparts. Wine, unlike a new variety of cheddar, can also be intimidating to the consumer. Today’s technology is catching up with the wave of demand and need to provide secure, simple and 24/7 sampling. This sampling in turn provides more profits, more often. When you incorporate sampling into your retail store, you have an opportunity to introduce wine shoppers to premium wines in your inventory which leads to an increase in bottle sales. 83% of retailers surveyed cite that sampling translates into customers more likely to spend more for a bottle of wine. Retailers and grocers that use the WineStation to offer “try before you buy” programs reported a 60% increase in sales.


Heninen Fine Foods - 5 Easy Ways Wine Retailers Can Increase Wine Sales, Right Now! -


4. Recruit and Hire an Expert Staff

The winemakers themselves make the biggest difference to long-term loyalty, but an educated and enthusiastic curator is the next best thing. Off premise businesses should staff knowledgeable employees to assist in selection. 60% of those surveyed reported having a wine director or sommelier on staff to assist customers find new varietals and brands. According to respondents this same supportive sell leads to greater increases in sales. Don’t have an expert? Today’s technology (like the WineStation!) can provide expert and immediate information in the form or kiosks, apps, and digital content.


5 Easy Ways Wine Retailers Can Increase Wine Sales, Right Now! -


5. Host a Few Promotional Sampling Events

In store events are the perfect opportunity to launch new wine brands and promotions. According to a case study with Harris Teeter, 65% of their sampling events are related to promotions such as wines that pair with Thanksgiving favorites, wines that are best for warm summer days, and sparkling wines for New Year’s. 35% of their sampling events are tied to new brand launches. They state the most important elements of successful sampling are store volume, time of day, quality of the item, and engagement level of the person curating the event. As a result, they have reported that sales are substantially growing.

There are multiple components that go into increasing wine sales in a store. Navigating the wine aisle can be challenging, therefore it is crucial to change the way you promote wines.

Consumers are looking for easy, memorable experiences in the wine section of grocery stores and on the shelves of specialty shops. Simply implement the tips we shared with you today and watch the profits pour in.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column]Contact your sales rep![/vc_column][/vc_row]