6 Top Tips to Help You Nail Your NRA Show Planning

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) show is back again May 19-22. NRA is an inspiring time to innovate and explore solutions from top industry professionals. There are hundreds of new products to explore, thousands of professionals to network with and dozens of great educational sessions to attend. With so much going on at one show, we’ve found that you really need to approach NRA with a great strategy. Here are the Napa Technology team’s top tips to help you nail your NRA show planning and get the most out of your trip:

1. Pre-Plan a Conference Route

Large conferences can be a challenge to navigate. It can feel like Disneyland with the various booths and attractions.  You can find yourself easily lost or off-course if you don’t have a pre-planned agenda. Chart a course on the show floor using the conference planning tools here. Make a point to visit the sessions and booths that will be most essential to your business. Decide what you want to get out of the show before you get there. If your goal is to preserve wine, eliminate loss, increase revenue and enhance your guest experience, a visit to the Napa Technology booth to demo our innovative WineStation® is essential. Be sure to also pencil in some “exploration” time where you deviate and check out events, booths, and solutions you might not have explored before. You never know where you’ll find your next inspiration.

2. Don’t Forget to Network

Take advantage of having the top industry leaders under the same roof as you. There are dozens of mixers, award ceremonies and other opportunities to meet industry professionals throughout the conference. The show floor itself is a great place to meet people and build your network. Decide who you want to meet in advance, make a list, reach out, and mingle. Make sure you pencil in a few moments to meet up with our charismatic leader, Napa Technology CEO, Nick Moezidis. Don’t forget to stock up on business cards and conversation starters!

3. Score Great Deals and Exclusives

You can find the best and brightest innovations at NRA including WineStation®, the most effective intelligent wine preservation and dispensing technology found in the marketplace today. Explore solutions that could work for your business. Keep in mind that many booths, vendors, and companies offer “show deals” and specials. The Napa Technology booth will also have an exclusive NRA deal just for attendees, so stop by our booth to learn more about this special offer.

4. Put Your Learning Cap On

There are dozens of educational sessions and informative booth demos offered daily at NRA. Topics range from business development and tech talks to more niche topics like beverage & alcohol and food & nutrition. One session we are looking forward to is “Understanding the Wine Drinker of 2018.” If you can’t attend with your team, take notes so you can report back on all the insights and key learnings you picked up.

5. Have Fun with Your Team

A lot of work goes into planning for NRA whether you’re just attending or also exhibiting. If you’re going with your team, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Use the conference as a team-building opportunity and a chance to showcase your team’s great work. One of our favorite spots for dinner is Kinzie Chophouse. Enjoy a juicy steak and see the WineStation® in action behind the bar serving up fresh, delicious wines by the glass.

6. Capitalize on Social Media Opportunities

NRA provides the perfect opportunity to test live tweeting, share a live video on Facebook, or utilize the stories
feature on Instagram- all of which are impactful ways to reach your followers. From events and sessions, to behind the scenes happenings, there are virtually endless content opportunities. If you’re exhibiting, bring your own booth experience to life for your social media followers. Divvy up events, sections of the show floor, and demos with your coworkers and capture as much content as you can. Be sure to use event hashtags like #NRAshow18
#FiredUp and #NapaTechnology in your posts.

Now that you’re ready for NRA, you can start planning your show experience! Stop by and say hello.

The Napa Technology booth is located at:

#9310 in the Lakeside Center Exhibit Hall
We will demo our revolutionary WineStation® and have exciting special offers only available at NRA. Stop by
for a hands-on demos and chat with our CEO, Nick Moezidis, and other team members to learn more.