High-Tech Vending Machines

Wine Vending Machines

Self-serve wine-dispensing systems have been pouring into restaurants and bars nationwide over the last few years. One example is Napa Technologies’ WineStation, which holds 28 bottles of wine simultaneously. It keeps open bottles fresh for up to 60 days by replacing oxygen with argon gas as wine is dispensed. Bottles stay chilled, thanks to a thermoelectric cooling system, eliminating the need for circulating liquid. To order, you insert a wine card purchased from the establishment (the cards prevent minors from using the machine). The wine card is embedded with a chip that keeps track of how much money is on the card, wine preferences, and purchases. You then use a built-in touch panel to select vino and pour size. The WineStation can be found in more than 30 U.S. airports, as well as in hotels, supermarkets, and even cruise ships.