The Genesis Preserve is on Whoopi Goldberg’s List of Favorite Things

The View dedicated an episode to Whoopi Goldberg’s 60th birthday on November 14th. In the episode, Goldberg showcases her favorite products of 2016. The Genesis Wine Preserver by Napa Technology, made a special appearance. Napa Technology’s Marketing Director, Megan Sokhn, formally introduced Goldberg to the product during the 2016 Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival this past October. Goldberg loved the product and declared it one of her favorite items.

You can watch Goldberg rave about the Genesis on The View here.

The Genesis is a product that was created in 2007 by Napa Technology. Its purpose is to preserve wine for weeks and champagne for days. Genesis allows you to uncork, preserve, and pour your finest champagne or wine by the glass without wasting a drop. Unlike any other wine preservation device on the market, with Genesis there is no limit to how many bottles can be preserved and enjoyed at the same time. Now you enjoy your premium wines and champagnes without wasting what you don’t finish. In addition, you would have the flexibility to open different bottles for guests and preserving what is leftover. This technology allows you to savor any bottle at your own convenience. Purchase your personal Genesis here.