A Wine Lover’s Dream: Napa Technology WineStation

You have a great bottle of wine. Drink it. Don’t be afraid to open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for years! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, blow that dust off the bottle for the special woman in your life and dive right in. The Napa Technology WineStation 3.0 is a dream come true for every type of wine lover. Have mom sit back, relax and enjoy a revolutionary glass of wine, for this magic machine ensures that whether it’s the first pour or the last, every glass will be the freshest (for up to 60 days… but if you don’t finish a bottle in 60 days, then we may need to talk about our friendship).

What makes this machine so awesome is that it has the technology to keep wine as good as when it was first opened, so you can savor the flavor. The dispensing system keeps your wine safe from oxidation, meaning your wine will only end up in your glass – not down the drain. It also allows you to choose a 1/2oz, 2 1/2oz, or 5oz pour. With its patented clean-pour, the wine is decanted directly from the bottle and never through the machine, so you won’t taste anything but what’s intended. Here are some other features the WineStation provides:

  • 4 dispensers: allow you to uncork whatever vintage you fancy
  • No hazardous pollutants or refrigerants: making it energy efficient, and eco-friendly
  • Stylish: can be used at home on the counter or built into cabinetry
  • Programmable display: allows you to show wine type, wine year and varietal
  • Parental control locking door: prevents children and strangers from pouring wine or removing bottles when the WineStation is left unattended.
  • Preserve red and white wines simultaneously: dual-zone temperature kit separates the chamber into 2 zones, creating a 10 degree temperature difference to store red in one zone and white in the other.

Drink wine with mom the way wine-makers intended. The WineStaton 3.0 is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite wines at the peak of their flavors – making this dispenser, well, in-dispensable.


The Blissery