Biggest Discount of the Year on WineStation Professional

Are you still pouring your profits down the drain? Now is the time to step up your wine game and get ready to enhance your revenue this holiday season with our BIGGEST discount of the year. Take $1,250 off all our WineStation Professional units (25% off). Get a WineStation for just $3,750 through our new online ordering system until November 16, 2019. 


Get ready to take your wine program to the next level with WineStation Professional- North America’s #1 wine dispensing and preservation system. 


We know how hard it can be to prep for the holiday season and how busy staff can become. During a hectic rush, bartenders are moving too fast to pour wine precisely. The difference between a 4-ounce pour and a 5-ounce pour adds up to big money over the course of a few months. In fact, many of our clients see an additional 15-25% bump in revenue after installing a WineStation. 


Having a system capable of dispensing accurate pours every time eliminates waste and over-pouring during busy spurts. No more dumping oxidized wines out the next morning.


Key Features and Benefits: 

● The WineStation’s dispensing system ensures precise pours are made every single time, even for tasting pours as low as 0.25 ounces up to full 8 ounce pours.

● Rely on WineStation to keep your opened bottles preserved for up to 60 days inside of the unit and 14 days outside of the group helping to maximize your wine inventory.

● WineStation is extremely easy to operate and maintain, even for part-time or seasonal staff.

● Changing bottles is a breeze- perfect for high volume locations where you only have seconds to spare.

● The WineStation is durable and robust enough to handle everyday use in a commercial environment for many years.


Take advantage of this exclusive offer and get a WineStation Professional for your business for only $3,750 – that’s $1,250 off the original price and our biggest discount of the year. 

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