Why Builders Are Adding WineStations to Condos & Apartments

The addition of luxury condo and apartment amenities is being driven by three key cultural shifts.  These trends are driving the increased demand for amenity packed residential buildings.  

The global pandemic spawned significant consumer behavioral changes that experts expect to continue; the democratization of technology-driven luxury home goods; and heightened awareness of what true luxury looks like around the globe. 

The popularity of household products once only reserved for the uber affluent are beginning to appear in luxury apartments and condos in the United States. The behavioural changes adopted by consumers during the pandemic have now become ingrained habits. One of these is enjoying wine by the glass at home.  According to, one of its top trends for 2021 is that consumers will continue to keep their distance from restaurants and bars. 

Interior designers are routinely adding full bars complete with wine preservation and dispensing machines such as the WineStation by Napa Technology.  Even in smaller interiors, bar space is being carved out. 

Luxury clubhouse, apartment, and condo developers are working luxury amenities into both the private and public spaces. Buyers look for unique amenities and according to, wine cellars and amenities raise the value of the property. Like other smart technology in homes, modern wine preservation and dispensing systems have evolved as well.  

The Napa Technology WineStation, for example, brings the billionaire’s wine preservation habits out of their cellars and into the hands of new oenophile buyers and tenants. 


Luxury Clubhouses Set The Bar

Due in part to the increased visibility of ‘luxury’ through visual platforms such as Instagram, potential residents are weighing building and unit amenities through that lens. While it can be tough to compete with international five star resort-like features, the fine wine lifestyle can be delivered at an economical price.  Consumers became increasingly wine savvy during the pandemic and are buying higher priced wines but consuming less volume.  Home wine preservation systems have become essential ‘must haves’ for the discerning consumers. 

This new behavior to appreciate higher quality wines at home is only one symptom of a larger shift in staying in versus going out. 

Luxury apartment and condo developers have already begun to shift their design and amenities list to meet rising consumer expectations. 

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What Is the Napa Technology WineStation?

The Napa Technology WineStation is storage for four bottles of wine with temperature-controlled preservation. It allows you to have four different bottles of high-quality wine open at any given time without the worry of them going bad.

Each bottle is hooked up to a dispenser that allows you to pour the perfect glass of wine every time with the same freshness as when you first opened the bottle. The argon preservation technology ensures that your wine will stay perfectly fresh for 60 days.

The station allows you to choose your pouring volume so you can achieve the right amount without any spills. You can finally try those vintage wines that you save for special occasions and avoid pouring them down the drain at the end of the night.