By The Ounce Wine Bar

Bouley’s Wine Bar, By The Ounce, celebrates a hemispherical selection of over 250 wines, vintages, and elevations chosen by Chef Bouley with Sommelier André Compeyre.

Napa Technology’s coveted wine-pouring system will allow guests to sample more varieties of wines available by the ounce, half glass, and full glass. Cheese selections will celebrate the work of cheese ager and maker Rodolphe Le Meunier, awarded Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Artisan in France), the 2007 International Caseus Award, and 2007 World Champion Cheese Affineur “Refiner.” A sample selection chosen from the over 450 cheeses he nurtures include Brin d’Amour, Fourme d’Ambert, aged Comté, and St. Amour. Chef Shea Galante is in the kitchen crafting Bouley-made pastas along with hams, smoked fish, and a selection of vegetables and other menu items that will be celebrated.

By The Ounce is the first restaurant in New York to utilize Napa Technology’s Wine Station. Napa’s goal was to create a high-tech wine dispenser that controls the amount of wine poured and keeps the wine fresh. Nick Moezidis, Jeffrey Brooks, and Morris Taradalsky are the three founders. “None of us came from restaurants, but we had tech DNA. We’re three geeks, and that’s where we came from,” Moezidis says. “We found there were other products out there to preserve wines, but none of them had the controls that we can offer.” For any wine questions, contact sommelier Andre Compeyre at

By The Ounce Wine Bar
120 West Broadway, NYC
Reservations: 917.237.3207 open 6pm–12 midnight closed Sunday