Counter Space at a Premium? Solution… The Wine Station

With the average cost of a square foot of space in Manhattan at $900 and the average kitchen counter top surface area being less than 2 square feet… sometimes you have to think “built in!”

You may be familiar with the myriad of built in espresso machines that slide barely noticed into your cabinetry, freeing your counter, and turning you into the trendiest of home barristas. Now, we have discovered the same wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles for wine – the Wine Station!

Wine StationMade by Napa Technology, the Wine Station is a four bottle intelligent cooling and dispensing system. It has a thermo-electric cooling, soft interior lighting, and can preserve an open bottle of wine for an outstanding 60 days! (not that anyone we know would ever dream of such a duration!).

It can be purchased alone or as part of an overall home entertaining concept design. Either way… with (literally) a touch of a button, you will be the master sommelier of your own wine bar!

Article by BENNETT

The Wine Life