Denver Airport

Finally, Great Wines At An Airport!

Denver Airport Embraces Napa Technology
Brings High-End Wines-By-The-Glass To Travelers

The 50.1 million estimated travelers through the Denver airport now have more reason to arrive early.

Denver airport joins 4 other airports across the country which have installed the cutting edge WineStation from Napa Technology.

The system allows airport operators to capitalize on consumers more demanding wine palates while generating additional revenue.

“Wine dispensing systems can save an airport significantly by eliminating waste and loss as well as increase by the glass revenue by an average of 30 percent,” said Nick Moezidis, Napa Technology. He adds, “Over the course of a year, we’re talking about potentially over half a million dollars in incremental income simply by satisfying travelers quest for the perfect glass of wine.”

For the first time at the Denver airport, high end wines will now be available to the leisure and business travelers in Gate B on the Mezzanine Level at Lounge 5280. Guests are able to experience a broad range of featured wines in taste, half or full glass options, designated by the operators at Lounge 5280.

The 60 day wine preservation system and its thermo-electric cooling system will assure the wine remains in a pristine environment and provide the perfect pour with every glass.

Why This Is Profitable:

  • Early arrival requirements at airports nationwide are driving both wine and food sales as consumers wait for their flights.
  • Americans are developing a more sophisticated palate for wine with the proliferation of wine bars in cities all over the United States.
  • Americans are the largest wine consumers in the world.
  • Air travelers are some of the most affluent consumers in the world with larger expendable income for luxury items such as a $30 glass of wine.
  • With the ability to set and measure the volume for each glass poured, the WineStation reduces waste and theft.