Downstream Casino

Napa Technology partners with Red Oak Steakhouse to bring an innovative wine experience to Downstream Casinos

Downstream Casino Resort selects its signature Steakhouse, Red Oak, to become the Casino’s focal point of a progressive wines-by-the glass program

With reputation for serving the finest selections of meats, Red Oak Steakhouse located in the Downstream Casino, has partnered with Napa Technology to raise the bar on their wine program. With the addition of the Napa Technology WineStation, a fully automated preservation and dispensing system, guests will now be able to sample wines rarely seen in a by-the-glass format increasing consumer experience, consumption and exploration.

Developed entirely to address the pressing needs by the retail and hospitality industries, Napa Technology introduced the WineStation, the world’s first automated temperaturecontrolled wine dispensing system in 2005, and is seeing widespread adaptation nationwide.

“The 60 day wine preservation and inventory controls, immediately provides our partners with solutions to gro w and increase their business, “ states Nick Moezidis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Napa Technology. The WineStation can guarantee customers the freshest wines each and every time and provide business controls that eliminate product spoilage or over-pouring. This is far more than a wine dispensing system – it is a total game changer for the industry.”

Utilizing the vast intelligence, the WineStation® also increases the ability for Downstream Casinos to achieve valuable insights by providing product sales trends and a full suite of staff, management and consumer reporting.

“We made a smart decision with the WineStation,” said Steve Warren, Manager of Red Oak Steakhouse. “While being able to control costs and inventory, we’ve also seen a growth in sales of our finer wines. The guests enjoy the experience. This was a sound addition to the casino.”

With the ability to set and measure the volume for each wine poured the addition of the WineStation invokes a unique and memorable wine tasting experience. For the first time, guests will be able to experience a broad range of featured wines that are pristine in taste with every pour.