Enjoy the flavors of Roma at Roma Ristorante!

Roma Ristorante combines the flavors from old Rome with the flavors from the today’s Rome in order to give customers great and authentic Italian flavors. Their bar includes liquor, beer, wine, and the WineStation! Enjoy all of your classic Italian dishes, from lasagna to risotto to a variety of pastas and sauces, Roma Ristorante has it all. And what better way to enjoy delicious Italian food, than with some vino!

You can watch as your choice of wine is freshly dispensed directly from the WineStation! Every glass will taste just a great as the last because the WineStation is equipped with a temperature control system that keeps the wines at the perfect temperature and an argon Clean Pour freshness! Best of all Roma Ristorante is equipped with the WineStation 3.0 which is the newest version!

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