Everything I’ve Ever Dreamed For In A Wine And Beer Store

From the moment you walk into Wine Awhile, you’ll realize that this isn’t a big-box alcohol store. It’s the opposite in almost every way. Where do you head first? To the well stocked specialty beer shelves? To the cooler to grab something already chilled? To the wine area for a great deal on a unique bottle of wine? How about a grab-and-go bottle of wine for exactly $10 including tax? Although they are all tempting, I head straight to the counter to grab a glass while I decide if I want to help myself to a glass of wine or have Anthony Pugh, the proprietor, pour me a pint.

What do you prefer? Wine or beer?

One of the distinctions at Wine Awhile is the 24-bottle self-serve Napa Technology WineStation, the only one in the state. The machine dispenses wine by the taste, half-glass, and full-glass, all priced based on the bottle of wine, which sits in full view behind the machine’s glass front. Grab a glass and head over to the sleek machine. Purchase samples of a few different wines or select a full glass of your favorite — with the push of a button y ou’ll have a delicious glass of wine to enjoy.

Don’t despair beer lovers. There is room for you, too. Wine Awhile regularly serves four or more specialty beers on tap at their growler station. You can buy draft beer by the ½ pint, pint, and ½-gallon growler. And you can taste before you buy. Anthony also has a fantastic selection of bottled micro, craft, and high gravity beers in stock.

And if you would like something to munch on, they have a variety of small plates such as cheese, hummus, and olives.

Which leads me to some of their regular events. If you are in town on the third Thursday of the month stop by for a specialty beer tasting. The event on August 19th features an IPA tasting contest. If you can correctly identify the different IPA’s you go home with a prize. They also hold monthly wine tastings, which on August 21st is Spanish Wines. On Friday nights you’ll find a room full of locals listening to an up-and-coming ar tist. And if sushi is your thing come by on Tuesday evenings. A local sushi chef makes sushi to order and there is a variety of sakes to complement it perfectly.

Wine Awhile is much more than the wine store it started out as almost three years ago. Anthony Pugh had been in the wine business for over 10 years when he decided to pursue his passion in a different way. That’s how Wine Awhile was born. The shop started as a local wine and beer store that occasionally featured a wine tasting. But Anthony wasn’t satisfied with that; he saw an opportunity for much more. And he’s the reason Wine Awhile is as highly regarded as it is today.