HEB Grocery Stores – Adding Big Technology to their aisles

Well as the saying goes…everything in Texas is just bigger…and now at 6  H.E.B  grocery stores, big just got better too!  No stranger to excellence in their wine program, H.E.B has now added the WineStation technology to their highly trained staff and expansive wine offerings. Adding the WineStation to the Austin and San Antonio locations will now provide customers with the ability to sample featured wines, before they purchase them. The WineStation technology not only affords an un-intimidating way to experience wine, but you can also be assured that each wine is perfectly pristine.

The WineStation stores wines at the perfect temp (did you know that red wines should have a chill? And that whites shouldn’t be too cold?) to assure guests from novice to expert are experiencing wines just the way they were intended.

Not one to know your Pinot from a Bordeaux  No worries, the LCD screens located above each bottle on the WineStation can provide you with tasting notes – and best of all, you can TASTE the wines to find the one that suits you!

For more information regarding H.E.B locations or to view their wine tasting guide visit their website at