How To Improve Restaurant Profits In 30 Minutes

One of the easiest ways to improve your restaurant’s profits is to have a robust wines by the glass program. Smart restaurateurs, faced with the growing population of savvy wine consumers, know that if given the opportunity, those guests will purchase a more expensive glass of wine. But how do you offer great wines by the glass without sacrificing quality and risking your investment?

The WineStation developed by Napa Technology was created to give restaurants an intelligent plug and play wine preservation and dispensing system that can increase the maximum profit potential of each bottle of wine. Because there is no need for expensive plumbing or electrical, the fully refrigerated WineStation can be operational in 30 minutes.

The WineStation is the world’s first automated temperature-controlled wine dispensing and preservation system that has helped small, medium and large scale restaurants increase profits by more than 30 percent across the country.

Three one-of-a-kind advances that help restaurants achieve maximum wine sales profitability include the Clean-Pour Head; 60 day preservation; and the detailed sales reporting.

The Clean-Pour Head patented design technology allows staff to pre-open and pre-stage wines prior to serving without any risk of spoilage or loss. This system also eliminates the need for citric purging and lengthy cleaning processes.

Because the system maintains the bottle at the optimum temperature with the precise amount of argon or nitrogen gas for preservation, wine can remain pristine for up to 60 days.

Napa Technology has two flexible software packages designed to meet the individual needs of each restaurant. The systems can provides detailed employee sales monitoring and reporting; wine sales reports by brand and varietal; pour volume control; position level control and reporting; wine sales reports by position and can manage your restaurant’s wine by the glass database with accuracy and ease.

Additionally, it can configurable portion control settings, customize the LCD display over each bottle position, bar code scan each bottle to provide swift and easy replacement and inventory management. And it provides remote system monitoring and access via internet.