Increase Hotel Wine Sales with Napa Technology’s Intelligent Self-Serve Wine Dispensing System

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the competitive hospitality industry, it’s critical to find ways to stay relevant while also maintaining a healthy profit margin. Keeping up with guests’ ever-changing expectations while doing both can seem like an art. It’s essential to implement solutions and offerings that help to enhance the guest experience. But where to begin?

Revamping your hotel’s wine program is a great place to start as this area can become a core revenue stream for your business while also elevating your guests’ experience. Guest wine palates are getting more sophisticated and the WineStation® provides an easy way for hotels to serve high-end bottles of wine without wasting expensive product.

Napa Technology’s product, WineStation®, is the only intelligent wine dispensing and preservation system with Hotel Room Key Integration capabilities in the marketplace today. The WineStation® is driving new revenue streams in hotels like Marriott, Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, and more by providing simplified transaction resolutions for both Magstripe and RFID electronic locking systems.

With a single swipe of a room key, hotel guests can securely access the WineStation® anywhere on property, allowing operators to capitalize on the demands of their guests without additional operational costs.

Customers are opting for self-order and self-checkout kiosks over traditional checkout processes, utilizing one-click shopping, food delivery and much more. In the busy lifestyle of the modern traveler, quick self-service options are an expected commodity worth investing in. Many guests are already implementing solutions like this in their day-to-day life through the use of grab-and-go cafes.

The WineStation® gives guests the ability to simply swipe their room key and instantly enjoy an incredible glass of wine. This dispensing system offers a high-end, luxury solution to cater to this group.  As demand for self-service options increases, keep your property competitive with this unique amenity while increasing your wine sales and maximizing your inventory.

“The wine revenue has increased significantly and our customers are intrigued by the experience,” says David Harb from Hyatt Hotels. Napa Technology is revolutionizing the way wine is served to guests by being the only provider of this type of integration.

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