Italiano Cuisine & Vino…the Perfect Pair!

Italian cuisine and vino…what a perfect combination! That’s exactly what customers will experience at Ristorante and Bar Antonio. They’re located in Chester, VA and serve a variety of gourmet Italian dishes that pair perfectly with their extensive wine list.

Antonio’s has 4 WineStations beautifully installed in their restaurant enabling customers to watch as their wine is freshly dispensed right before their eyes. This assures customers that they will be drinking a fresh glass of wine every time. Each WineStation holds 4 wine bottles and consistently keeps them at the perfect temperature.

Adding the WineStation to Antonio’s, or any restaurant for that matter, allows restaurant owners to serve more expensive wines without the fear of waste. Oftentimes, restaurants are inclined to serve less expensive wines as a means to preventing waste because once the bottle is open there is no going back! This fear is eliminated with the WineStation’s clean pour preservation system which preserves the wine’s freshness! Since the WineStation also has a thermo-electric cooling system, the wines are able to stay at the perfect temperature for the perfect glass of wine every time!

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