Meet Our Newest Product – The SpiritStation!

For those in the spirits and batch cocktail business, SpiritStation is a must-have. Napa Technology’s renowned dispensing technology is now available for spirits and batch cocktails with the introduction of the SpiritStation- the newest addition to the product family.

The SpiritStation provides the most effective, accurate, contamination free spirit delivery system in the world. The automated and programmable pouring options allow restaurants, bars and clubs to customize their service based on the needs and demands of their business. Operators are using the technology to provide consistent and regulated pours of spirits and batch cocktails as well as to create on-demand flights and sampling.

spiritstation (1)


Keep on reading to understand how the SpiritStation can give your business the edge and boost it needs in the ever-growing spirits industry.

SpiritStation Professional:

  1. Clean Pour Dispensing Head Technology: With our signature Clean Pour technology that has shown great success in the WineStation, the SpiritStation is designed to provide the most effective, accurate, contamination free spirits delivery system in the world.
  2. AccuServe Smartcard Access Control: With the AccuServe Smartcard, our patented software will provide you with the greatest level of product security, access and accuracy to every pour.
  3. Programmable Portion Control: The SpiritStation allows programmable portion sizes ranging from .25 to 8.0 oz.

Other Features:

  • Sales Reports by Bottle Position

SpiritStation Premier Features:

  • Standard features of the Professional version
  • Fully Customizable LCD Display
  • AccuServe Staff Assigned Smartcards
  • Employee Sales Monitoring & Reporting
  • Spirits Sales Reports by Brand & Varietal
  • And More!

SpiritStation Premier Plus Features:

  • Professional and Premier Features
  • AccuServe Customer Assigned Smartcards
  • Customer Preference Tracking & Reporting
  • Remote System Monitoring
  • And more!

To find out more about our SpiritStation or other related products, please check out our website for more information!