From Burgers to Bordeaux Morton’s Adds WineStation

Would you believe us if we told you Morton’s Steakhouse was a burger joint back in the 70’s? Yep! You can even Google that little factoid.

But like every good brand, Morton’s evolved and today is known world wide for its signature USDA Prime-Aged Beef and world wide wine offerings. WineStation - Taste Half Full

Ever evolving, Morton’s has now added new technology, the 4 bottle WineStation to both the World Trade Center, NY and Biloxi in MS, Morton’s location to continue to lead their claim for superior product offerings.

The WineStation by Napa Technology is a state of the art wine preservation and wine dispensing system, allowing operators the ability to offer the most distinguished of wines for a period of 60 days.  This means that your favorite bottle of Bordeaux or full-bodied Merlot is pristine from first drop to last.

Not sure which wine to pair with that Porterhouse or famed Shrimp Scampi Capellini?! No worries, with the addition of the WineStation selections from taste, half and full glass are now easily available. And why stop at just one wine? Why not sip, swirl and explore your way through the entire meal? We say YES!

And if you’re still wondering, yes they still have burgers.