Napa Technology Creates 360° Approach to Wine Preservation

Adds ultra high purity argon and 51 bottle wine cooler
designed to keep wines as the winemaker intended

Napa Technology, the world leader in wine preservation and dispensing, today announced two new products to enhance wine service in restaurants, bars, hotels, retail stores and anywhere wines by the glass are samples or served.

The Napa Technology Ultra High Purity Argon and a 51 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator will join the innovative award-winning WineStation to provide a 360 degree approach to perfect wine service and higher profitability for operators.

“We saw a real need in the marketplace to provide ultra high purity argon to both WineStation users as well as to those using other products,” said Jayne Portnoy, Executive Vice President & Brand Strategy, Napa Technology. The industry veteran adds, “We wanted to be able to close the loop and provide the highest quality end-to-end solution for wine preservation and the tools that will help our client be successful in business.”

Once a bottle of wine is open and exposed to temperature changes, air and UV light, it begins to degrade. Napa Technology’s end-to-end preservation and dispensing system, WineStation, reduces contact with the elements that erode wine programs’ profitability and consumers’ affinity for the product. For many businesses, a wine by the glass or sampling program can be one of the most financially uncertain elements. This simple system for protecting the investment in a robust wine program can save organizations thousands of dollars annually and ease the economic uncertainty.

The specially designed wine refrigerator is uniquely designed to accompany the WineStation operation, accommodating wine bottles with the Clean-Pour Dispensing Head Technology attached, effectively extending the preservation period outside the WineStation for an additional 14 days. This same feature also increases speed of service, immediate bottle changes, and inventory management.

The beautifully designed refrigerator features anti-humidity and anti-frost protection against unwanted moisture that can cause wine quality to become unstable. Other features include individual temperature zones that can be controlled with one touch and range from 41 to 710 F. The UV tempered glass door with a soft laser blue LED interior light and fully extendable shelving allow servers to easily access inventory.

As innovators in the preservation industry, Napa Technology quickly realized that not all argon is created equal. The Napa Technology Ultra High Purity Argon provides the most effective solution to assure that even the most delicate wines are brilliant from day one to day 60. The aluminum tanks are available in 22 cubic feet, and are space saving and with an easy return and refill system, users no longer have worry about the purity of the argon.

Technical Specifications:

  • Argon UHC 99.999%
  • Volume: 22 cubic feet
  • Dimensions: 18’8 H, 5”2’ diameter
  • Weight: 8.2 lbs.

As the global leader in wine preservation and dispensing, Napa Technology, is in a unique position to understand the needs of the end user and create innovative products assuring wines by the glass programs more profitable for the organizations and help them serve wine to consumers the way the winemaker intended.

With three cutting-edge products including the WineStation, the Ultra High Purity Argon and the specially designed duel zone temperature controlled refrigerator, Napa Technology offers a comprehensive solution to wine preservation, dispensing and storage.