Napa Technology Introduces WineStation 3.0

Napa Technology, creator of the WineStation intelligent wine dispensing and preservation system, has announced its latest model, the WineStation 3.0. Designed and manufactured in California, the redesign includes hardware and software innovations derived from consumer research and operator feedback.

“We believe that the only way to innovate is to listen closely to our customers. Based on their input, the WineStation 3.0 is the most technically advanced wine dispensing and preservation product in the world,” says Morris Taradalsky, co-founder and vice president of Engineering and Support at Napa Technology. “Hotel customers get room key integration, restaurants benefit from a smaller footprint, self-service venues get customizable LCD screens, and all customers will see significant improvements from our new stainless steel design, larger wine bottle display window, and enhanced electronics and end user interface – so they can maximize profitability for their individual business needs,” Taradalsky says.

Key improvements in WineStation 3.0 include:

– Larger Display Window: Solicited feedback from restaurateurs prompted Napa Technology to increase the size of the WineStation display window that showcases the wines. The new display window is 30 percent larger, which allows servers and customers to more easily see what wines are offered and creates an effective visual sales cue.

– Room Key Integration: Continuing their string of “firsts to market” Napa Technology’s WineStation 3.0 features optional room key integration capabilities that allow hoteliers to provide secure and seamless access to the WineStation anywhere on property with a single swipe of a room key.

– Customizable LCD Screens: Customizable LCD screens are another improvement based on marketplace observation. “We wanted to use technology to advance the WineStation’s potential to make fine wines even more accessible for both novices and connoisseurs,” says Jayne Portnoy, vice president, Marketing and Brand Strategy at Napa Technology. Portnoy continues, “Our fully programmable LCD screen provides operators with the ability to create their own promotional messages, enhance the interactive experience, and continue to further outpace the competition.”

“Napa Technology’s mission is to develop technology that makes wine more accessible to consumers and provide tools to operators that make their businesses more profitable and efficient. There is no doubt this technology is having an effect on consumption and access as we have seen the United States surpass France in terms of wine consumption. Certainly, the Napa Technology WineStation has helped sustain and shape this growing trend,” Portnoy says.

The WineStation is a proven resource for improving the profitability of any wine program in restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment environments. Food and beverage managers list these among the benefits of Napa Techology’s WineStation: 60-day preservation, staff and self service applications, automated controlled pouring options, programmable LCD display, full suite of management reporting, happy hour pricing functionality, volume and time period controls, zero build out design, and NSF and UL certified. The WineStation is made in America.