Napa Technology Launches Champagne Preservation Technology

Industry Leader in Wine Preservation Adds Sparkling Preservation to Portfolio

February 13, 2015 – Campbell, CA. Just in time for one of the nation’s most celebrated sparkling wine holidays,

Napa Technology, makers of the WineStation release their newest advancement in preservation technology.

The recently introduced Champagne Preservation Technology upgrade will allow WineStation operators the ability to preserve sparkling varietals for a period of up to five days. “The demand for this type of technology had finally hit a fever pitch that we needed to find a resolution for our ever growing base of customers,” said Morris Taradalsky, VP of Engineering and Support. “It was important to come to market with a feature and functionality that was as reliable and accurate as our other innovations.”

As Napa Technology has seen wines-by-the glass offerings have increased by nearly 40% in the last three years, “it was no surprise that the demand for champagnes by the glass has started to follow and this innovation will allow our customers the ability to achieve greater gains in both service excellence as well as revenue” he added.

At the heart of this innovation is the existing design of the Clean-Pour Dispensing head; which has delivered the most effective, accurate and contamination free preservation and delivery system found in the world. The advent of the Intellicork Champagne Preservation Head, now provides both vacuum and gas preservation technology to precisely remove oxygen from each sparkling varietal bottle, while simultaneously creating a secure closer to eliminate any possibility of oxidation.

Champagne bottles will be properly charged by the WineStation Professional with a single push of a button that delivers ultra-high purity argon at the appropriate pressure maintaining any
sparkling varietal’s effervescence for up to 5 days. Napa Technology’s preservation capabilities protects the integrity of the sparkling wine keeping it as the winemaker intended, while aged
technology commonly found in the market place use CO2 changing the composition of the wine and leaving consumers with a damaged product.


About Napa Technology
Napa Technology is the designer and manufacturer of WineStation®, an innovative Intelligent Dispensing Solution. WineStation® is a breakthrough product designed to drive revenues and
maximize the profitability of each bottle. WineStation® has been adopted by the hospitality, entertainment, arena and foodservice industries as an improved way to serve, preserve, increase sales, and capitalize on available customer preference data.


About WineStation®
WineStation is the first intelligence-based, automated, temperature-controlled wine dispensing and preservation system. The product delivers a “just opened” taste experience for up to 60
days once the bottle has been corked. Enhancing this technology, WineStation® reports the trends of popular bottles, sales reporting for both individual servers as well as individual
customer preference. The result: good quality wine for the customer and higher profits for the business owner.

Napa Technology, WineStation, Clean-Pour, AccuServe, Intelligent Dispensing System and IntelliCork are registered trademarks of Napa Technology LLC.