Napa Technology Launches the SpiritStation

Napa Technology At the Forefront of Craft Spirits Trend With the Launch of SpiritStation

Innovators in Beverage Preservation and Service Diversify Offerings to Include Spirits

Today, Napa Technology, a leader in commercial wine preservation, announces their expansion into the preservation and dispensing of spirits and batch cocktails.Unveiled last week at the Hilton Bayfront hotel during the VIBE beverage industry conference, a gathering of over 300 of the leading beverage industry executives, the SpiritStation by Napa Technology was received with rave reviews. With whiskey, scotch and craft spirits flights and tastings growing in popularity, the company has worked with a select group of partners to perfect the experience. A pilot program with The Atlanta Stillhouse in the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport launched last June offering 32 different bourbons. Included in this pilot program was the SpiritStation’s ability to allow guests a self-service experience and enjoy flights of bourbon ranging from Jim Beam to ultra-premium brands like Booker’s and Basil Hayden’s.

“We have seen a trend in whiskey and bourbons that is mirroring the explosion of wines by the glass, on restaurant menus across the country,” said Jayne Portnoy, vice president, marketing & brand development, Napa Technology. “The SpiritStation allows for restaurants and bars to easily offer their guests a true tasting experience, once reserved only for wine, with the convenience of preservation, appropriate temperatures and consistent pour sizes.”

napa-technology-spirit-stationIn a recent Technomic Trend Report, 44% of millennial consumers drink American whiskey cocktails while 34% enjoy their spirits straight or on the rocks once a month or more in a bar or restaurant setting. The demand is strong for a robust spirits program and Napa Technology has quickly adapted their existing WineStation technology to support the industry needs.

“The technology that put WineStation on the map is wisely effectively being applied to spirits,” said Morris Taradalsky, vice president of engineering and support. The SpiritStation provides temperature control and is flexible to fit most bottles. With automated and programmable pouring options, restaurants, bars and clubs can customize their service based on the needs and demands of their business. While operators are using the technology as self-service or implementing the automatic billing to a hotel room key, it can also be used to provide consistent and regulated pours of wine, spirits and batch cocktails. The SpiritStation is NSF & UL certified and made in the United States of America.

About Napa Technology®
Napa Technology is the designer and manufacturer of WineStation® and SpiritStation, an innovative Intelligent Dispensing Solution, first introduced in 2005. Developed by a group that combines decades of business and technology experience, the WineStation® and SpiritStation are a breakthrough products designed to drive revenues and maximize the profitability of each bottle through advanced wine and spirits preservation and automated dispensing. WineStation® and SpiritStation enables on and off-premise operators to considerably increase revenue, at times by up to 50 percent. The software that accompanies WineStation® and SpiritStation allows establishments to more accurately tailor inventory to customers’ needs and even offer self service samplings all the while guaranteeing accurate pours and reducing wasted product.

WineStation® has been adopted by the hospitality, entertainment, arena and food service industries worldwide.