Napa Technology & Parallel Wine Bistro Raise the Bar on Wine Service

Cutting edge technology the perfect partner Ashburn’s Edgy Bistro

No stranger to innovation and vision, Parallel Wine Bar and Bistro open its doors in Ashburn Virginia with an aggressive business plan; fifty wines by the glass and a unique menu and experience to match. Utilizing the WineStation, by Napa Technology, Parallel Wine Bar and Bistro is providing the living up to its promise.

The WineStation is the world’s first automated temperature-controlled, wine dispensing and preservation system, providing a serving solution that guarantees customers the freshest wines each and every time and 60 day product preservation.

“The WineStation was a must and a perfect complement to what we are achieving here,” said Matthew Mohler, Executive Chef. “We offer a flavorful, farm-to-table tapas menu and wine flights and pairings to give our guests the complete ability to indulge in everything. The WineStation gives our wines by the glass program such depth and opportunity, we needed technology like this.“

With the ability to set and measure the volume for each wine poured, the WineStation invokes a unique and memorable wine tasting experience. For the first time in Ashburn, guests are able to experience a broad range of featured wines in taste, half or full glass options, all that are pristine in taste with every pour.

“Everyone should have equal opportunity to taste wines such as Opus 1 and Cakebread ” states Jason Bursey, Owner. At Parallel, you can also buy the bottle you love and drink it there, or take it home to enjoy some other time.”

“The addition of the WineStation will no doubt enhance the consumer experience at Parallel, allowing them to stand out from the competition,” said Nick Moezidis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and co-founder of Napa Technology. “We’ve found our customers love the WineStation because it gives them more freedom to experiment with unfamiliar wines and in the process discovers a new favorite label.”