Napa Technology’s Sommelier Scholarship Program

Sommeliers are essential not just to the world of wine, but to the hospitality industry as a whole. Having a sommelier on staff is another way to add value to your guests’ experience, in addition, to help to boost your wine profits. Napa Technology has invested in the growth and development of sommeliers through our Sommelier Scholarship. With this program, we cover the Certified Sommelier Exam Fee (up to $595 value) for a new Sommelier (certified in the past 12 months). Read on for more information on how you can help an employee or resident wine know-it-all take the next step to become a master sommelier, as well as why it’s good for your business. The full scholarship details are below.


At Napa Technology, we believe Sommeliers have the power to not only entertain and educate your guests on a range of wine offerings, but they also hold the power of the purse with guests and can help enhance a struggling wine program and boost your profits. Having a good wine list is no longer a competitive offering. How you store, preserve and serve that wine is a huge factor in the success of your wine program and your guests’ overall satisfaction.


Combining the immense knowledge of a certified sommelier with the industry-leading wine dispensing and preservation solution is a one-two punch that will take your wine offering (and profits) to new heights.


Sommeliers have the innate ability to make wine drinking not just an event, but an experience unique and customized to each consumers’ individual tastes or cuisine. They can provide the intricate details that really help sell a glass or bottle of wine through and have a knack for inspiring guests to try wines they usually wouldn’t or that are slightly outside of their price range.


On the business side, sommeliers can help you select wines to feature in your WineStation based on seasonality and your unique offerings. They have immense knowledge on aging methods and can advise when wines are reaching peak maturity and are ready for uncorking, and which ones to continue to cellar. Most importantly, Sommeliers offer unique pairing and tasting notes that may have been lost without their expertise. This luxury offer can help set you apart from your competition and bring your wine program into the big leagues.


Tell Me More About The Scholarship

Do you know someone who has taken their Sommelier exam in the last 12 months or is getting close to passing their exam? Every month, Napa Technology will choose two winners, at random, to receive our Sommelier Scholarship. With this, Napa Technology will cover your Certified Sommelier Exam Fee (up to $595 value). There are just a few quick and easy steps to qualify:


1. Watch a brief video about WineStation (you’re going to love it!)

2. Take a mini-quiz to test your new-found knowledge (takes less than five minutes)

3. Upload your Sommelier certificate. Incomplete entries without proof of certificate will not be accepted for admission- (try back once you’ve completed your exam. This scholarship is an excellent motivation to get it done!)

4. Check your email! A winner will be randomly selected out of qualified entrants after the 10th of each month.


Check out our Sommelier Scholarship page to learn more!