Napa Technology Unveils New Technology

WineStation raises the bar; new improvements to patented Clean-Pour Dispensing Head technology help operators to capitalize on growing wine by the glass trend

With their guests increasingly requesting wine by the glass—and even by the ounce—operators are not only catering to more discerning customers, they’re getting the most out of every bottle.

At the center of the trend is Napa Technology’s WineStation®, the world’s first intelligence-based, automated, temperature-controlled wine dispensing and preservation system. And at the center of the WineStation is the Clean-Pour Dispensing Head, the patented technology that eliminates internal tubing, cross contamination and the need for citric purging. The most hygienic and precise automated wine dispensing system in the industry, the Clean-Pour Dispensing Head ensures the WineStation delivers wine directly from the bottle and into the glass while affording pristine 60-day preservation quality.

Now parent company Napa Technology has announced enhancements to the Clean-Pour Dispensing Head, designed to further improve both durability and ease of use.

“The challenges that face our customers are ever evolving and so must we continue to raise our own standards to assure they have the best, most competitive tools in the industry.” explains Morris Taradalsky, Vice President of Engineering and Support for Napa Technology.

For WineStation customers, convenience and product quality are part of the same business decision, and the system ensures they won’t have to make compromises.

“We found the wines to be amazingly fresh and could not perceive any degradation in quality whatsoever. It was as if the wine had just been opened.” says Stephan Soltysiak, CWE, CS, Director of Wine Education at Rodney Strong Vineyards. “The lab ran numbers and they were all excellent as well: VA unchanged, SO2s good. The WineStation functions extremely well; I recommend it highly.”

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About Napa Technology

Napa Technology, LLC is a designer and manufacturer of intelligent dispensing systems for wine that ensure optimum freshness and memorable guest experiences, as well as to-the-ounce accuracy with each pour. The company’s breakthrough product, WineStation, drives revenue and maximizes the profitability of each bottle. Since 2005, foodservice and retail operators have adopted WineStation as a new way to serve their customers quality wine and expand opportunities for wine exploration and discovery.