Neat: Pour Perfection

How to savor your wine for weeks at a time! For those looking to extend the life of their wine after the bottle has been opened, your answer has finally arrived. Enter Napa Technology’s Wine Station 3.0, “the world’s first intelligence-based, automated, temperature-controlled wine dispensing and preservation system.” Typically a big, robust red wine will last between one to five days after it’s opened. Now with the Wine Station that wine will stay fine for months, not days.

The mad scientists over at Napa Tech spent the better part of a decade developing this system that will extend the life of an opened bottle up to sixty days. Not only will it stay fresh, but the wine will be poured perfectly every time, bringing out its optimal flavors even weeks after opening. The owners of The Nautilus restaurant (see Nosh News, page 32) have purchased the first Wine Station on Nantucket. Will your cellar be next? For a mere $6,000, your wine can remain in its prime long after its time. (

Written by N Magazine