Pinot and Popcorn Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

What’s better than 3D,  Dolby Sound and the center seat? How about yummy wines by the glass AND your movie. YES! This fantastic phenom is coming soon to a theater near you!AMC Theaters Tallahassee, FL

Recently, AMC Theaters added the WineStation to their Atlanta (Buckhead), Tallahassee and Denver theaters! So ditch that slurppy and grab a nice pinot, cab or chardonnay with your next full length flick!

MacGuffins (a phrase coined by the famed Alfred Hitchcock himself) is the full serviced bar inside select AMC Theaters, offering a wide selection of specialty cocktails, beers and now decadent wines by the glass!  The WineStation allows you to choose wines by the taste, half and full glass — so no need to choose just one wine to go with your movie!

We know at AMC Theaters you will definitely enjoy the show.