Plonk Wine – Don’t Be Fooled By The Name!

To refer to a wine as “Plonk” is sort of like calling a fat guy “slim.” Although it’s not really the nicest terminology for wine….when you serve everything BUT plonk, it works. So is the case of Plonk Wine Bar in Bozeman, MT. One step inside this decadent environ and you’ll cast aside any doubt.

With their outdoor patio, vast menu and casual cafe, Plonk Wine Bar provides its guests with a relaxed environment for any mood or occasion. Additionally, with the new addition of their Napa Technology WineStation 3.0, they are now able to give customers the option of having a taste, half or full glass of superior, unique and fun to find wines!

Plonk offers a worldly and diverse selection of over 600 wines, making each visit feel like a new one.

The addition of the WineStation to the Plonk Wine Bar operation was only natural as a means to assure that guests could experience the wines as the wine maker intended. The pristine preservation and to-the-degree temperature controls of the WineStation assure the best possible product from the first drop to the last.

For more information about Plonk Wine Bar, visit their website