Napa Technology Software Solutions Get The Most Out Of Your Beverage Program

POS & Integration Services


Napa Cloud
– Analyze consumer behavior
– Extensive customer record capture
– Customer preference tracking
– Marketing campaign tools
– Improved operating control

Napa Technology POS
– Napa Technology POS integrated with all of our dispensing equipment

Hotel Room Key Integration
– Saflok
– Onity
– Vingcard

3rd Party POS Integration
– Omnivore

– Micros Simphony
– Micros 3700 via Omnivore
– Micros Opera


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Integration Services
Non-disruptive/destructive installation 

  1. No additional plumbing is needed for removal of moisture/ condensation
  2. Wireless networking option
  3. Don’t need long hoses and cables to connect compressors and external tanks to operate hydraulics
  4. Designed for plug and play operations; most installations are completed in less than 3 hours

Extended Warranty

  • On-demand Phone support
  • Unlimited Phone support $299/location/year (less than 5 units)/$399/location/year (more than 5 units)
  • Part Warranty $350/unit/year (includes unlimited phone support)