How Our Technology Can Create a Better Customer Experience and Increase Revenue [Airport Edition]

airport and arenas - NapaTechnology.comA few planes are off schedule. Many others are delayed. There are customers waiting in planes that need a gate and many that are waiting in the terminal for their delayed flights. How do you comfort these customers on the edge of their seats waiting to fly to their important meeting or make it on time for their next plane? How do you meet the demands and satisfy the sophisticated palates of air travelers while they anxiously wait for their flight?

The Airport Problem

The Waiting:

Airport service is one of the biggest industries with over millions of people flying every day. It is also one the hardest industries to provide satisfying services, given the natural operational and logistical risks and defects.  The standard airport solutions have been commercial stores, restaurants, lounges and other places of comfort that may sooth the ever anxious traveler. However, there are only so much to see in stores and so much to do in a lounge. Lounges and bars, although essential to the weary traveler, need to be staffed and attended, and so additional services may not always be cost efficient.


3.0 WineStation Server PouringConsumer Trends:

As air travelers are one of the most affluent consumers in world with larger expendable income for luxury items such as a $30 glass of wine, there is still an untapped market in many airports. Consumers today are developing a more sophisticated palate as well and a passion for innovation and technology, so combining these factors can generate much more revenue for your airport business. So how can you tap into this market while generating revenue?


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An Innovative and Low-cost Solution:

What if your airline customers can enjoy the comfort of a lounge that is self-staffed? What if your airport business can satisfy the sophisticated taste of consumers while reducing product waste? Napa Technology’s WineStation provides this exact solution. With the intelligent dispensing system, which operates with exact pour and complete safety with card access, your customers can fully enjoy a glass of wine without costing you thousands to staff and manage. The WineStation is equipped with Napa Technology’s patented Clean Pour dispensing heads that allow for easy replacement and cleaning. It is completely safe and secure due to its AccuServe Card Access system that allows greatest level of product security. The completely customizable portion sizes, ranging from .25 – 8.0 oz also provides portion control eliminating waste for the operator and providing a unique engaging amenity to the guest. Aside from these WineStation standard features there are many more robust features available such as sales monitoring, reports, and more in the Premier and Premier Plus versions of the WineStation. The WineStation is currently increasing wine by the glass revenues in over 30 airport locations nationwide!


Here are just a few WineStation users!

Wicker Park, Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Wicker Park, Chicago O’Hare

Le Grand Comptoir, Bush Intercontinental Airport

Le Grand Comptoir, Bush Intercontinental Airport


Lounge 5280, Denver International AirportLounge 5280, Denver International Airport


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