The Brass Tap CityPlace – A Variety of Everything!

The Brass Tap CityPlace is a full service bar for guests to enjoy a variety of beers on tap, a variety of cigars, and best of all…a variety of wines! At The Brass Tap CityPlace, the recent installation of the cutting edge WineStation by Napa Technology preservation and dispensing system, allows guests to sample some of the world’s finest wines by the glass. In addition to providing more sampling options for customers, the WineStation also provides guests with the ability to experience a range of featured wines in taste, half or full glass options. Affording a world of exploration for budget savvy guests and cost efficiency enables The Brass Tap CityPlace to stay a step ahead of the competition.

According to owner Tom Schueller “Our guests are growing more and more discerning about their wines and demanding unique and high end wines to try by the glass.”  He adds, “We needed the most effective, intelligent wine preservation system that would allow us to provide the smartest glass of wine every time.”

For more information about the Brass Tap CityPlace, visit their website.