The Brass Tap Pours the Smartest Wine by the Glass

Innovation and Demand Prompts Napa Technology Installation For New Wine & Craft Beer Bar Concept from the Beef O’ Brady’s Team

Variety is the standard at Wine Bars nationwide, but with the use of the WineStation by Napa Technology, newly opened wine and craft beer bar, with over 80 beer taps and 300 craft beer bottles, The Brass Tap, is also keeping a key on their wine offerings. Located in heavily populated CityPlace in West Palm Beach, The Brass Tap identified the Napa Technology WineStation to make their newest concept more competitive, compelling and technologically savvy in the way the offer wines by the glass.

At The Brass Tap CityPlace, the recent installation of the cutting edge WineStation preservation and pouring system, will allow guests to sample some of the world’s finest wines by the glass. The 60 day wine preservation system and its thermo-electric cooling system will assure the wine remains in a pristine environment and provide the perfect pour every time, with zero product waste.

The WineStation will provide guests the ability to experience a range of featured wines in taste, half or full glass options. Affording a world of exploration for budget savvy guests and cost efficiency enables The Brass Tap City Place to stay a step ahead of the competition.

According to owner Tom Schueller “Our guests are growing more and more discerning about their wines and demanding unique and high end wines to try by the glass.” He adds, “We needed the most effective, intelligent wine preservation system that would allow us to provide the smartest glass of wine every time.”

As consumers are facing a new economic environment, wines by the glass across the country are catching up to bottle sales because a glass provides the restaurant guest with more opportunity to explore higher priced wines, or indulge in small doses. For the business, it is an opportunity to generate additional revenue and manage inventories while reducing waste.

“A robust wine by the glass list is the key to a successful Wine Bar environment, while increase revenue by allowing vast and new experiences into wines guest would otherwise not be able to afford by the bottle,” said Nick Moezidis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Napa Technology. He adds, “A wine preservation systems like the WineStation is imperative for any business that wants to have a competitive and cost effective wine program.”

Businesses that have installed a preservation system have increased by the glass revenue by an average of 30 percent.