The Modern Tech Lounge + WineStation

Gone are the days where the standard “Business Center” gets passing marks from the business community. We have entered the age where expectations of the tech and amenities offered in these rooms are at an all-time high. Business patrons want to see “smart” technologies that are cutting edge and operate quicker. Thus we enter the time of the modern “Tech Lounge.”

What started this? 
Millennials are known for mixing business and leisure, coining the new term “bleisure” trip. Most will extend stays at hotels for several days before and after business meetings to capitalize on their travel with some vacation time, spending money on amenities and upgrades. According to Comcast Business, an estimated 43 percent of business trips are now considered “bleisure.”

An essential part of the “bleisure” trip is having ultimate productivity and connectivity through the use of enhanced “tech lounges.” The tech lounge is an ultra-modern space catering to the “bleisure” mentality. They are expected to have the latest tech capabilities, lightning fast connectivity, along with all of the comforts and accessibility of a lounge.

According to Comcast Business 2018 Hospitality Trends, “bleisure travelers need technologies that will help them get their work done in the most efficient and impactful way possible. Connected meeting rooms can include video conferencing capabilities, projection units, and smart whiteboards, among other technologies, as these guests increasingly look for ways to remain productive while on the road.”

This is NOT your mother’s “business center.” You’ll find much more than your standard printer, projector, and computer in these lounges. Tech lounges are a huge draw for the business class when booking hotels, and having one on site can set you apart from your competitors.

This begs the question- “Besides high tech, what else can I include in my tech lounge?”
The best place to start is integrating the necessary technology your guests need to get their jobs done. However, as we’ve mentioned, the tech lounge isn’t just about work- it needs to have the comfort and luxury appeal of a high-end lounge. Adding a WineStation is the perfect place to start.

We put the Leisure in “Bleisure”
Incorporating WineStation into your Tech Lounge gives consumers a chance to unwind without having to leave the lounge and disrupt their workflow to go to the bar and grab a drink. It also offers them an opportunity to entertain their clients and colleagues if they are hosting a meeting within the lounge. This is a great way to capitalize on passive income that may never have come to fruition without the added convenience. It also classes up your tech lounge and adds another element of luxury service for your guests.

WineStation is the #1 intelligent wine dispensing and preservation system in the marketplace today. This automated, self-serve system will blend seamlessly among the expected amenities of the sleek tech lounge.

Wines by the glass sales account for more than half of all beverage sales and are a great source of income. Business travelers are some of the most affluent consumers in the world with expendable income for luxury items such as a $30 glass of wine. With WineStation, you can serve high-end wines-by-the-glass to tech lounge guests who have sophisticated wine palates- without the need for additional staff or fear of product waste.

WineStation operates on an argon gas preservation system, which keeps wines preserved for up to 60 days inside the unit. The ability to preserve wine in this way eliminates product waste or over-pours and increases revenue by 15-25 percent on average. If you don’t have counter space for a tabletop version- try our innovative WineStation Cellar. The Cellar combines all the power of the classic WineStation paired with a commercial-grade 80+ bottle wine cooler. The WineStation Cellar gives you the opportunity to store, dispense, AND preserve your wine in one sleek model that saves you space.

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