The WineStation Cellar: You Can Bring the Wine Bar Home to You

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that, in 2020, living under a rock might be the safest place you could be. 


The COVID-19 crisis does not have an end date at this time, and for now, that means all plans to meet at your favorite wine bar for a quick after-work drink have to be put on hold. This sudden change in lifestyle has been quite difficult for many people, and not being able to do regular or routine, everyday activities can be tough on your mental health. There’s nothing wrong with admitting, “I just wish I could go out for a Pinot Noir at Happy Hour!” 


For months now, Napa Technology has been focusing on how we can help people find some sense of normalcy. If people have to become more comfortable staying home, how can we make staying home more comfortable? 


We’d like to take this opportunity to talk about a new product from Napa Technology geared towards bringing the WineStation into residential spaces. 


Introducing… the WineStation Cellar. 


What is the WineStation Cellar?

We already know the WineStation has had a major impact on wine service, and revenue, across the country in various bars, hotels, and movie theaters. The WineStation has also proven to be the #1 dispensing system in the world for ease and cleanliness. 


With the WineStation Cellar, you get all the same features of the WineStation, with the addition of an 80-bottle wine fridge in a single machine. At Napa Tech, we like to think of the WineStation Cellar as a refrigerator, bartender, and wine preserver all-in-one, making it the perfect addition to any home where wine is routinely consumed. 


Why the WineStation Cellar? 

Many are describing 2020 as a perpetual Groundhog Day, in reference to the famous Bill Murray film from 1993 where his character relives the same day over and over again. As well as having all the same perks and conveniences as the WineStation, the WineStation Cellar allows you to access those perks from the comfort and safety of your own home. In a Groundhog Day world of a global pandemic, there are a lot of reasons why the WineStation Cellar could be the answer to spicing up your current living situation. 


Low Risk

Less than a month ago, The New York Times released an article, saying “What makes bars so risky? Every bar is different, but many bars are housed in dark, narrow, indoor spaces with no windows and little room to move around. Unlike restaurants, which can space tables far apart, bars typically have fixed bar stool seating along the bar and a layout that forces people to gather closely in clusters.”  


With the growing numbers of infected people in every state, the bar scene is simply an unsafe place to be. Bar owners and their staff can do their best to keep everything clean and hygienic, but at the end of the day, they’re fighting an invisible virus.  


With the WineStation Cellar, you get our patented Clean-Pour® dispensing heads, making changing bottles and maintenance extraordinarily easy. Unlike all other wine preservation systems, there are no fixed tubes and plumbing that have to be flushed with chemicals or cleaning solutions every time you want to change a bottle. Compared to a public bar where you have to rely on the staff to ensure all hygiene protocols are met, with the WineStation Cellar in your home you have complete control over who touches your wine, your wine glasses, and anything else related to your wine experience. 


Big Convenience 

Now that so many people are spending a lot more time at home due to the pandemic, it’s not unusual for someone to look around their house and start to consider making some home improvements, just to occupy their time. A very important question a lot of wine lovers are probably asking themselves right now is “Can I afford to install a wine cellar?” 


Or at the very least they are asking themselves “I really, really wish I had a wine cellar. How much would such a thing cost me?”


For many, many Americans who are suffering from lost or reduced wages, building out the space for an entire wine cellar is probably not feasible. According to this article from Home Advisor, when you factor in designing the layout, installing temperature control features, and adding proper lighting the final cost up of a project like this could add to $40,000. On the lower end of the same scale, even if you’re only interested in adding a wine fridge to the kitchen, the various costs can still add up. Check any online store, such as Home Depot, Amazon, or Wayfair and you’ll find, before installation, most wine fridges that hold around 75-80 bottles go for anywhere between $700-2000. 


If a whole wine cellar will break your bank, and you want more than a simple wine fridge, then the WineStation Cellar is the answer to your home improvement questions. With the WineStation Cellar, the cost of installing a wine cellar in your home is literally as easy as plugging in a refrigerator. Our “Two Solutions In One” system can dispense, preserve, and store your wine with our best-selling WineStation 3.0 with an additional 80-bottle commercial-grade wine cooler. It’s literally a fridge and a bartender in one, and it can fit in any corner of your home. 


Major Advantage

Having the WineStation Cellar in your home is the natural next step in our current stay-at-home-world. It’s already recommended that we have our groceries delivered to our door, and now many suggest we have our nightlife delivered as well. This recent article from Good Housekeeping highlights the “9 Best Wine Delivery Services to Bring Happy Hour to You.”


If it’s already safe, easy, and financially possible to have a small guilty pleasure, like a bottle of wine, delivered to your front door, why not take the next step and have the whole bar delivered too? The WineStation makes it simple for you to keep your delivered wine at the proper temperature, pour those wines from a hands-free spout, and comes with a one-year phone support warranty. Have you ever been to a public bar that came with a warranty?

We’re all counting the days until it feels like we can return to life like it was before 2020. Releasing some of the stress and anxiety so many are struggling with would be an amazing first step. So an important question we all should be asking ourselves right now is… “what can I do to make this experience easier to live with for myself? If Happy Hour is to remain on hold, how can I recreate this simple pleasure of mine at home?”


Another very important idea to remember is, in the film Groundhog Day, Bill Murray eventually stopped reliving the same day, and so will we.