Time to Get Uncorked!

New Fine Wine Bar Brings State of the Art WineStation Technology, Worldly Wines to Blue Back Square

The saying “life is too short to drink bad wine” will be heard in Blue Back Square this spring when Uncorked, a new fine wine bar that offers the area’s only WineStation technology, opens in mid May. Specifically, the new storefront will revolutionize the way patrons drink wine though it’s unique wine dispensing system, customized portion control and selection of fine wines from the major vineyards of the world.

“Uncorked will offer 68 wines by the glass, on demand, every day – which is hard to find in a restaurant or wine bar as it is!” said Dave Rudman, manager of Uncorked. “But it’s our innovative and exciting WineStation® technology that allows us to offer our guests an experience and selection that virtually no one else can!”

Rudman elaborates that by offering WineStation in its restaurant, all of the wines will be stored in an oxygen-free and temperature controlled environment. The result is an extended life of an open bottle 20 times more than what is possible with a traditional hand-poured “by-the-glass” program.

“What this means for our guests is that they will be able to choose from a vast variety, including some of the world’s greatest wines, which other establishments simply cannot afford to offer!” Rudman adds.

Specifically, Uncorked will set up an entire wall of WineStation units to dispense its 68 varieties of fine wines in precise 1 oz, 3 oz or 6 oz portions, all with a simple swipe of an exclusive Uncorked SmartCard. Additionally, all customers will be able to purchase any wine, in any amount, with their own personal SmartCard if they choose. SmartCard technology makes transactions simple and fast, and also allows Uncorked to keep a record for each customer of his or her wine preferences for the next time they visit the establishment.

“Whether it’s a wine tasting event or enjoying a bottle over good conversation, Uncorked will only make Blue Back Square more appealing as a relaxing summer destination,” said Barbara Lerner, project marketing manager for Blue Back Square. “What’s more, with their unique business model, they are able to bring some of the world’s most prized wines to the Connecticut community.”

Besides its vast selection of wines, Uncorked will also offer a light food menu, consisting of items typically paired with wine, including an assortment of cheeses, chocolates, meats, salads and tapas.