Top 10 Unexpected Spaces That Have Proven Perfect for WineStation

With the new year upon us, it’s time to start thinking about new and exciting ways to expand your business revenue in 2020. Did you know even if your business isn’t a bar or restaurant, you can still make a decent profit from selling wine? Thanks to the easy integration and 60-day preservation guarantee of Napa Technology’s WineStation, the most unlikely businesses have been able to increase their sales revenue and attract more interest for their brands by offering wines-by-the-glass for purchase. We have compiled a list of 10 locations you wouldn’t believe are the perfect home for the WineStation. From coast to coast, whether your business focus is art, history, or education, Napa Technology has ensured your customers never have to go without an upscale and deliciously preserved glass of wine.


1. Clayton on the Park (Clayton, MO)

Drive only 15 minutes west of St. Louis to find this luxury highrise apartment community, Clayton on the Park, right in the middle of this culturally vibrant city. Though Clayton is a small city compared to St. Louis, the population is made up of wealthy and well-educated families and is the home of the annual St. Louis Art Fair as well as the Taste of Clayton Food Festival. With highrise buildings popping up all over Clayton, developers are always looking for innovative ways to attract affluent people to their communities. Those who call Clayton on the Park home enjoy exclusive access to roof-top pools, a sky deck on the 24th floor, multiple art galleries, and now residents can add the luxury of the WineStation to their list of reasons why this community has everything to offer.

2. AMC Theatres (Various Locations Nationally)

Going to the movies has once again become a luxury experience with the implementation of casual dine-in services. Moviegoers can enjoy their popcorn and candy with their favorite adult beverages. Though only located in a few locations across the US, the WineStation is now behind the AMC MacGuffins bar, where customers receive the perfect 10oz pour of wine. This popular movie theater franchise can expect an increase in their wine-by-the-glass revenue without any worry of spillage or spoiling.

3. Purdue University (Lafayette, IN) Food Innovation Laboratory

A college campus might not be the first place one would think to store the WineStation. The College of Agriculture at Purdue University strives to “connect, collaborate, and engage, to make the world a better place.” Recently Purdue was awarded a $10 million grant by the USAID for the Food Safety Innovation Laboratory, which is in the process of improving food safety in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Senegal. The agriculture department hosts many events and conferences to promote their research and development. With the purchase of their very own WineStation, Purdue has found a creative new way to engage their community and assist their work in making the world a better place.

4. The Chocolate Therapist (Littleton, CO)

Rumor has it that wine and chocolate pair well together. Located only 30 minutes south of Denver, business owner Julie Nygard has combined her two greatest passions, chocolate and the nutritional benefits of chocolate, to open this adorably sweet chocolatier shop in Littleton. With the addition of the WineStation in the storeroom, customers of The Chocolate Therapist can add the health benefits of red wine to the list of reasons to pay a visit. The WineStation is the perfect purchase to make this chocolate haven stand out from its competitors. Customers not only have a reason to come in, but also to stay for a while and enjoy the endless selection of delicious assorted sweets with a glass of perfectly preserved Pinot Noir or Syrah.

5. Craddock Terry Hotel (Lynchburg, VA)

“Boutique Charm in the Heart of Downtown Lynchburg… Always the Perfect Fit,” is the slogan for this waterfront luxury hotel and event center located in central Virginia. The downtown Lynchburg area is known for its diverse, walkable dining options, but now guests of the Craddock Terry Hotel don’t even need to leave their hotel lobby to enjoy a beautiful glass of wine. The WineStation can be accessed with the swipe of a room key, so whether it’s a nightcap or a night in to relax, guests can still experience the best without having to purchase a whole bottle at the wine bar around the corner.

6. City Club Raleigh (Raleigh, NC)

“Vibrant energy meets classic Carolina style at City Club Raleigh,” says the city’s go-to destination for high-class weddings, casual fine-dining, and corporate events. Located on the 38th floor of the downtown Raleigh Wells Fargo building, City Club is the place where club members and their guests gather in the state capital for meaningful business connections and social activity. City Club’s Members Only restaurants are known for their eclectic and seasonal cuisines. With the addition of the WineStation behind the bar, members can also expect upscale wine selections to be available at any moment. With the WineStation’s 60-day preservation capabilities City Club can enjoy wine-by-the-glass profits without worrying about waste.

7. Benjamin Walls Art (Asheville, NC)

Benjamin Walls is a celebrated and award-winning photographer who’s traveled over one million miles capturing images of stunning landscapes and abstract wildlife. Through his experiences Walls’ also found a passion for discovering organic, biodynamic, and natural wines. Walls’ art gallery, located in western North Carolina, not only showcases his artwork, but has also become the home to WALLSwine and WALLScast, where Benjamin Walls loves to discuss art, travel, fine wine, and philanthropy. Members of the gallery may enjoy a glass of WALLSwine of the Month, harvested from vineyards all over the world, and poured perfectly from the gallery’s in house WineStation.

8. Heinen’s (Cleveland, OH)

This past year the Midwest family-owned grocery store chain celebrated 90 years of providing world-class customer service while offering the freshest, highest quality foods. Twenty-three neighborhood Heinen’s Grocery Stores now serve in communities throughout Northeast Ohio and the Greater Chicago area. Their downtown Cleveland location is the home of the beautiful and historic Cleveland Trust Rotunda Building. On the mezzanine level, you’ll find The Balcony Bar, where customers take in the exquisite architecture while enjoying one of Heinen’s 40 selections of wine from their WineStation. With the WineStation’s multiple pour options, customers have the opportunity to sample 1oz pours to taste before committing to the purchase of a whole bottle from the store.

9. Barboursville Vineyards (Barboursville, VA)

What better place to have a WineStation than the tasting room of a popular winery? Library 1821 is one of Barboursville’s tasting rooms open every Friday-Monday and home to some of their best selections. Library 1821 has a rich history as a repository for selected documents from American history, such as the letter by President John Quincy Adams appointing James Barbour to his cabinet as Secretary of War. The Library is known for regularly diversifying its tasting wines to offer more varietals. With the temperature control and preservation of the WineStation, Library 1821 can always include Octagon, Paxxito, and older distinguished vintages of more limited supply on their menu.

10. Mind Body Align (Mansfield, OH)

“A way to connect, a space to work, a sense of belonging, a path to wellness,” is the motto for this mid-Ohio workspace. Mind Body Align is a place that provides multiple fully-equipped and beautiful spaces for rent such as a yoga studios, rooms for massage therapy and wellness coaching, and spaces for classes and workshops. Additionally this supportive community provides a certified commercial kitchen, equipped with a WineStation, for food entrepreneurs to start and promote their business. MBA’s staff also organizes social and professional networking events for women, such as Coffee Talk and Align Time, that facilitate opportunities to be active in the local community and encourages an overall lifestyle of mindfulness and inspiration. We’ll drink to that!


Wine is a fantastic tool for bringing people together. It’s the perfect social beverage to serve at parties, work events, fundraisers, or just a night at the movies. With the help of the WineStation, almost any business can serve wine profitably without the stress of needing a full bar. For more information or to speak with a Napa representative on pricing and integration of the WineStation, please fill out this webform, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Cheers!