Valentines Savior: WineStation! Shopping Made Easy

Let’s be honest. Wine shopping is daunting. The aisles are vast and the options growing wider by the season. And when a holiday as special as Valentine’s day is on the line – the stakes are high. Not only do you want to impress – you want to enjoy. So what’s a shopper to do? Head towards a retail wine or grocery store that has a WineStationWineStation Retail

What is the WineStation you ask? For novice to pros – the WineStation is sheer genius for anyone that loves, likes or is just a little interested in wine. First developed as a tool to allow operators to simply run a better business, Napa Technology’s new invention allowed operators the ability to serve finer wines by the glass for lengthy periods of time (60 days!) and also simply eliminate the pitfalls of restaurant operations (theft and waste!). Today, the WineStation can be found in wine bars, restaurants and best of all RETAIL stores nationwide.

Grocers have gotten hip to the fact that sampling sells. Hey, if it works for cheese and hand cream – why not wine! Innovative brands such as ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Kroger Supermarkets, HEB Grocery, Hy-Vee Supermarkets and Giant Eagle (just to name a few) have added this nifty technology to their aisles to make shopping easier — and a little more fun.

Don’t know the difference between a Pinot and Merlot? No worries. The WineStation allows retailers to showcase both their most recognizable brands such as Cake Bread, La Crema, Rodney Strong, and Francis Ford Coppola  as well as smaller or proprietary brands or varietals.  Using the WineStation you can now sample wines before you buy. In some locations, you can also enjoy half and full glass options with your menu items in the cafe.

So the only homework you’ll need to do this Valentine’s Day is to find a WineStation near you. Check out our website to see where your next tasting will be! Enjoy your Valentine…and your vino!