Vinostrology…A Wine Lover’s Paradise!

Vinostrology is a wine lover’s paradise! Why you ask? Well….Vinostrology has just had their WineStations beautifully installed and are now offering customers the opportunity to over twenty (Yes! Twenty!) uniquely exciting wines by the taste, half or full glass! The first of it’s kind in Bellevue Washington, Vinostrology can now offer it’s guests wines to fit any mood – any time.

Wines ranging from unique to high end wines such as Jermann Pinot Grigio and Mollydooker Maitre’d Cabernet Sauvignon are just a few of the many wines currently available for tasting or by the glass pours.

According to Katie Bechkowiak, Owner of Vinostrology, “Our guests are growing more and more discerning about their wines and demanding unique and high end wines to try by the glass.”  She adds, “We needed the most effective, intelligent wine preservation system that would allow us to provide the smartest glass of wine every time.”

For more information about Vinostrology, visit their website.