Vintry Press Release

Napa Technology partners with legendary Vintry Wine & Whiskey to bring Wine Tasting to new heights

Restaurateur Peter Poulakakos opens his ninth venture in the Financial District

On December 2nd 2009, Peter Poulakakos debuted the newest venture in this family’s long lineage of restaurant success by opening The Vintry Wine & Whiskey. After years of delivering award winning wine at Harry’s, Vintry provides an outlet for a Poulakakos family specialty—great wines, especially old world producers, at exceptional values. Inspired by his family’s passion for wine collection as well as his own travels throughout the European wine regions, Peter Poulakakos’s latest venture combines 50 years of selective purchasing experience with the warm environment of a speak easy on Stone Street.

Vintry Wine & Whiskey brings the opportunity for wine lovers to taste or enjoy bottles rarely seen in a by the glass format. Vintry’s new WineStations are designed and manufactured by Napa Technology based in Santa Clara, Calif. Each station can hold up to four bottles of wine. The WineStations operate on a user friendly Smart Card system that afford the guest the ability to explore wines with the touch of a button.

“We want our guests to be able to enjoy wines and whiskies the way they were meant to be served—in an intimate environment conducive to both the sharing of knowledge and the appreciation of both beverages’ intricacies. We have made available a selection of wines and whiskies that have been selected and preserved over 50 years to ensure excellent quality and taste”.

Vintry will offer eighty wines by the taste, glass, or bottle, with an additional 350 bottle list. Napa’s Technology’s intelligent wine dispensing system allows for extended preservation of by the glass selections, including older vintages that aren’t typically offered in a tasting format.

“Our WineStations will no doubt provide an engaging experience to Vintry Wine & Whiskey bar guests,” said Nick Moezidis, managing director and cofounder of Napa Technology. “We’ve found our customers love our WineStations because it gives them more freedom to experiment with unfamiliar wines and in the process discover a new favorite label.”