Wayne’s Country Market

Wayne’s Country Market is well known in the Ohio area for their delicious wine tastings and their beers on tap. Originally, customers had to wait for scheduled wine tastings, however with the addition of the WineStation by Napa Technology, customers are able to try a variety of delicious wines at their leisure! Wayne’s Country Market has an event for every season to keep the fun going on year round! Stop in during the Spring and Summer for a tour of their extensive greenhouse, or stop in during the Fall to take part in Octoberfest!

Wayne’s Country Market also carries a variety of fresh produce and has a full deli of meat and cheeses which can be perfectly paired with their selection of wines. With the implementation of their Premier Plus WineStation, customers are able to try up to 8 types of wines daily! The WineStation makes possible with its Thermo – Electric cooling system, keeping the wine at the perfect temperature every time!

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