WineStation – Serving Perfection One Glass at A Time

Wine drinking is on the rise. As a matter of fact, the USA is close to surpassing our French and Italian counter parts in both growing — as well as consuming this illustrious grape juice!

American’s are drinking SO much wine, that today the standard numbers of wines-by-the-glass offered at restaurants is 25! That’s up nearly 25% over just 2 years ago. Furthermore, nearly 10,000 Millennial’s turn 21  per day!

So how do restaurants keep up with the pressure to serve great wines AND keep them fresh from spoilage?   With the WineStation that’s how! The WineStation by Napa Technology, is a state of the art wine dispensing and preservation system. With the press of a button, the WineStation pours the perfect glass of wine every single time. Wines by The Glass - WineStation

With that in mind, it is no surprise that Angelina’s Ristorante has included a brand new 4 bottle WineStation to their restaurant. Located in Staten Island, NY, Angelina’s Ristorante blends traditional and innovative Italian techniques to bring you an out of this world meal! The only thing needed to complete your meal is a nice glass of wine, poured through the WineStation of course!

Don’t know the perfect wine to pair with their tasty Gamberoni “Angelina?” Which is a mouth watering sautéed jumbo shrimp cognac, garlic, and lemon and tarragon sauce dish. Why not let the friendly staff and the WineStation help you out with that. The WineStation pouring capabilities allow you to sample wine by the taste. Love the wine you just tasted? The WineStation pouring capabilities allow you to convert that taste serving into a half or full glass. So taste away and skip the half glass and go straight for the full glass.

What’s even better is the WineStation preserves wine for up 60 days. That means your favorite wine will be as tasty as if it was just opened.

From the outside Angelina’s Ristorante looks like a mansion, but once you walk through the door, you are treated to a stunning restaurant. With luxurious seating, ambient lighting, a beautiful wood bar and a stunning garden, Angelina’s is elegance at its finest.  Angelina’s wine-by-the glass program and the WineStation working together, you will be in for a treat.