How Wine Cellars Improve Buyer Interest in Luxury Condos

Selling a luxury property in 2021 can come with a host of decisions about how to increase value in this hot real estate market. If you’re selling, deciding on whether to have your property staged, painted, or even a full renovation, can be challenging to prioritize. 

Many of the options are intimidating and rightfully so. When preparing to sell, changes that add value to your property should be prioritized. Any changes that highlight the unique features of your property can help elevate yours above the competition. 

One approach to consider is to purchase a luxury amenity. Trending items that buyers are most interested in now are home wine cellars and bars. Napa Technology’s WineStation wine cellar is an upgraded appliance that will wow potential buyers.

Read on to find out how the WineStation Cellar adds an unbelievable visual impact to your property.

Wine Cellars Are an Investment Opportunity

Wine Cellars are a highly sought after luxury amenity that add value to your home. Realtors love to demonstrate how to use the WineStation Cellar during viewings because it creates an unforgettable experience for the prospective buyer.  Later, when buyers are considering their choices, the Cellar is both a visual reference and key talking point. 

The right types of low cost, notable features can create a lasting impact on your property. A WineStation Cellar is absolutely the right kind of investment if you’re looking to sell soon.

The WineStation Cellar stores up to 80 bottles of wine, preserves open bottles for up to 60 days, and dispenses wines in pre-measured pours.


Wine Cellars Save Space by Combining a Wine Dispenser and Storage

A core benefit of a WineStation Cellar lies in its multifunctionality.

The Clean-Pour Dispensing Head Technology is patented technology that keeps the wine contamination-free. 

The Cellar serves as both a solution to storing wine and for serving it, either for yourself or at parties. Each night, you can choose which wine pairs perfectly with your plans and not waste an ounce to spoilage.  The Cellar uses argon gas to properly preserve the open bottles of wine. Any opened bottle of wine in the dispenser will remain preserved for up to 60 days after opening. 

The machine’s portion control features allow you to program a range of size options, from .25 up to 9oz. The WineStation Cellar also has advanced security features to lock out anyone who should not have access. 


How To Buy The WineStation Cellar

Below, please find a list of retailers who sell the WineStation Cellar who will ship it directly to your door. 




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