Wine Dispensers & How They Make a Profit: A New List of 10 Businesses that Love the WineStation

In response to Covid-19, self-serve beverage dispensers are the wave of the future, and wine is no exception. When business owners install wine dispensers in their store rooms, lobbies and dining rooms they automatically cut down on their volume of needed serving staff and, therefore, the amount of necessary human interaction. The WineStation is the only system in the world that delivers a perfectly preserved and measured glass of wine by utilizing the patented Clean-Pour dispensing head. Our system preserves open bottles of wine for up to 60 days, provides exact temperature control and customizable portion control settings. Most important, the touch free dispensing makes the WineStation the most hygienic wine serving system in the world.


This month we’re calling back to a previous article, The Top 10 Unexpected Spaces that are Perfect for Your WineStation, with a brand new list of 10 businesses that are making profits thanks to the WineStation. 


1. The Auto Pour (Charlotte, NC)

At The Auto Pour (T.A.P. for short) the bar is run completely by self-serve beer and wine dispensers, with only small plates being served by staff members. At T.A.P, available wines range from local North Carolina favorites to international selections from both new and old world wine producers. Upon arrival, customers will acquire a T.A.P. Wine Card that serves as their discovery passport around the WineStations to sample small pours and purchase full glasses of wines. For new wine explorers, the wine selections are divided into 4 categories, sweet whites, sweet reds, dry whites, and dry reds, with four WineStation units dedicated to each category. 


2. Big Al’s Down the Hatch (Waxahachie, TX)

At Napa Technology, as a company created by ambitious entrepreneurs, we love a fellow innovator. Big Al is a businessman who always had a dream of owning his own restaurant and bar. In 2007 Big Al’s dream became a reality when he purchased his first restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Following the success (and fun) Big Al got from his first restaurant, he went on to start more. For his fourth restaurant, Down the Hatch, Big Al ventured to Waxahachie, TX for a popup party in 2015 and found his restaurant’s newest venture. This bar has everything from wings, to merch, to the WineStation.


3. Las Colinas Country Club (Irving, TX)

Golf courses and country clubs are a perfect example of mixing business with pleasure. On the green is where professionals make their deals, families spend quality time together, and friends gather for special occasions. Los Colinas Country Club, located outside Dallas, promises a memorable event that exceeds the expectations. The WineStation, being the most luxurious wine dispenser on the market, fits perfectly at any country club. Whether members of the club are entertaining colleagues with a golf outing or hosting a fundraising tournament for charity, they can be certain that the perfect pour of wine for their guests is only the press of a button away.


4. Dionysus Food & Wine Bar (Greenwood Village, CO)

Drive only 20 minutes South of Denver to find this small, privately owned wine restaurant located at Landmark Place in the Denver Tech Center. Dionysus Food & Wine Bar may be in the food and wine industry, but the owners also believe they are in the people business first. Dionysus’ dining room holds 30 WineStations wall-to-wall offering 120 wines for customers to view, taste and purchase. If you want to find a restaurant with wine dispensers that offers extensive wine options for all palettes, Dionysus and the WineStation is the place to be!


5. Envision Cinemas (Blue Ash, OH)

At the movies employees are responsible for serving popcorn, candy, soda and now, at Envision Cinemas near Cincinnati, well selections of wine from the WineStation. Envision brings back the glory of cinema’s past with a modern twist. Customers have the option of choosing between the traditional movie snacks, or enjoying a full meal with their flick. Thanks to the luxury of the WineStation customers don’t need to question if any popcorn bits have made their way into their wine glass since our machines guarantee a clean pour every time. At Envision you get a great menu, a great venue and an overall amazing experience.  


6. LouVino Highlands Restaurant & Wine Bar (Louisville, KY)

The Louisville Highlands location of the LouVino franchise is proud of their wine themed flights that perfectly celebrate the city, with fun names like the LEWIS & CLARK and the GEORGE CLOONEY. The WineStation is the perfect system for pouring a quick flight of 3 or 4 wines while still keeping up with their Southern-inspired small plates menu. LouVino’s bar program is known for its award-winning wine list of more than 60 wines and their Culinary Director, Travis Rockwell’s creative menu of loaded baked potato stuffed tots, chocolate beignets and pancake tacos have earned LouVino numerous accolades. Publications that have praised LouVine include “The South’s Best Brunches” by Southern Living, Best New Restaurant by Louisville Magazine and “Best Wine Bar in Every State” by Buzzfeed.


7. Meraki and Moon (Georgetown, KY)

Located next door to a local coffee shop and steps away from Georgetown’s picture-pretty Main Street, Meraki & Moon is a creative market and workshop studio housed in a late-1800s storefront. Creators Amanda Stiltner and Autumn Boggs’ host a market space for various industries of sellers to showcase their products. Meraki & Moon regularly share space within the creative market with The Winefellas, who focus on small, artisan winemakers, to use the WineStation to offer both a carefully-curated collection of wines for purchase by the bottle, and a wine bar where you can enjoy wine by the glass or create your own flight.


8. Oakville Wine Merchant (Oakville, CA)

Celebrating the most beloved wine region in the country, the Oakville Wine Merchant in Napa Valley installed 12 WineStations last year loaded with wines grouped by Napa Valley sub-appellations. Guests can taste wines side by side from various wineries, AVAs, and regions all in one convenient location, located next to the long standing Oakville Grocery. To date this is the largest WineStation installation in Napa Valley and the addition of multiple wine dispensers really allows patrons to experience the distinct nuances across wines, compare notes and explore subtleties in real time for a true “deep dive” learning experience into expert wine tasting.  


9. Park 1039 (San Luis Obispo, CA)

Like we said before, Napa Technology loves entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs love the WineStation. Coming soon to San Luis Obispo, Sommelier and Wine Director, Jenna Issacs, will be sharing world class wine and rare beer in her market gourmet restaurant. Great wine will be available for purchase and perfectly poured from the in-house WineStation. 


10. Upton Oxmoor Apartments (Louisville, KY)

Upton Oxmoor Apartments is luxury living near the heart of Louisville, where residents are always on stay-cation. With stunning views of the historic Osmoor Farm, Upton Oxmoor comes with an upscale lobby and concierge service. Residents may take part in monthly offers of complimentary wine glasses for residents to taste selections from the building’s WineStation. The rest of the time you are free to purchase a glass of wine from the machine’s easily programmable POS system. In a large city where luxury buildings are looking to stand out, comfort amenities like a wine dispenser are the perfect way to attract sophisticated applicants.


As the service industry continues to innovate and adjust, we’re thankful that consumers continue to have a growing interest in good wine. Business owners everywhere are learning how to best showcase their wine selections in a way that customers can feel certain they will be purchasing a wine they will love from the very first taste. The WineStation is the top wine dispenser because it combines ease, education and cleanliness all in one machine, with the guarantee that the wine will be preserved exactly as the winemaker intended and served in the exact amount desired by the guest.