Wine Dispensing + The Chicago’s Greatest Steak = Perfection

When talking steak in Chicago there are but a small few that hit legendary status. High on the list is Gibson’s Steakhouse.  But what could possibly make this famed steakhouse even more….well…legendary? The addition of an 16 bottle WineStation preservation and dispensing system! The second outpost of this signature steakhouse is located on the outskirts of downtown in Rosemont.Wine Dispensing System

But don’t be fooled by the residential location, as the T-bones are just as thick and the wine selection worthy of it’s downtown counterpart. Guests can now enjoy signatures wines from the WineStation  such as Duck Horn, Frogs Leap and Symmetry by the taste, half or full glass to indulge in just a little..or a lot. 

If you are in the mood for an amazing steak dinner with a perfect glass of wine, make reservations at Gibson’s Steakhouse in Rosemont, IL

 The best part it only takes two visits to make you a local!