Wine Dispensing + Wine Tasting Equals a Shoppers Delight

Wine from Italy to your left, wine from Spain to your right, wine from France right in front of you, and wine from all over the world everywhere! What’s a shopper to do? Head directly for the WineStation of course!winestation

At Busa Wine and Spirits stores (note: there’s nearly a dozen throughout MA)you will find over 24 incredible wines from around the world and ranging in all price points in the WineStation by Napa Technology. Wine tasting didn’t just get easier – it got better! With the most sophisticated preservation and temperature technology found world wide, the WineStation allows shoppers to dispense and sample wines JUST as the wine maker intended. No need to guess if that bottle is perfect for your holiday dinner or to impress your boss – now you can sample before you buy.

Next time you are in the mood to sample different worldly wines, visit by Busa Wine and Spirits and pour yourself a glass using the WineStation!